Fitness Frenzy–Trending Fitness Products

You’ve probably heard of the Freshmen 15 but it is not uncommon for all college students to gain weight while in school. Exercise is important no matter your age, but college students are reporting higher rates of depression, anxiety, and obesity1. Regular physical activity is known to reduce health risks and lessen the symptoms with common chronic health disorders. It can be difficult to find the time to go to the gym for a workout in between classes, studying, and work. College students do not feel like they have time to walk to the campus gym let alone work up a sweat. More students are looking for quick and easy ways to work out.

It’s now more important than ever to foster exercise on campus. According to IBIS World2 , the fitness industry brings in $33 billion a year and is expected to keep growing.

We’ve curated fun and easy workout accessories to aid top notch workouts that can take place right in the dorm room. Take a look:

Fitness Frenzy

Learn more about these products by clicking the links below.

iChoice Star Wireless Activity Tracker + Sleep

Yurbuds Focus 400 Headphones w/Mic

GoFit Core Ab Ball

bobble Sport Filtered Water Bottle with Grip

GoFit Power Tube

Gaiam Solid Yoga Mat

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