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Tech Talk: What is MagSafe?

Tech Talk: What is MagSafe?

In October 2020, Apple announced the iPhone 12. The new iPhone comes packed with features, one being MagSafe. Now you might be wondering what’s MagSafe and what does this mean for iPhone accessories. We’re going to break it down for you. MagSafe is a magnetic coil ring in the new iPhone12 that connects accessories to … Continue reading

iPhone SE: What You Need to Know

If you haven’t heard already Apple made a few big product announcements this week. Apple has reached a large milestone, reaching 1 billion active devices around the world; they’ve lowered prices and are loading up on features. Apple will be creating a smaller, cheaper iPhone with a four-inch display. As it turns out people are … Continue reading

The Apple iPhone 5s & 5c Breakdown

Last week Apple announced, after much speculation, that it is launching not one, but two new iPhone models: The 5s and 5c. With both of these set to be released on September 20th, here is the breakdown of each of the newest features for the corresponding models and the current responses of today’s college students. … Continue reading

The Color Red

Post by Muffin Mott, VP of Customer Experience Up until nine months ago I was a Blackberry® user.  I always have preferred a physical keyboard and the fact that I was able to pull my luggage through the airport, while typing an email at the same time. In my book, that was a reason for … Continue reading