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Overcoming the Overpriced Misconception

Overcoming the Overpriced Misconception

Your students are often under the impression that the campus store is overpriced, so they shop for their needs elsewhere. They believe that there is a higher margin on products which increases the prices and students think they have to go to off campus stores to get the best deal. Your students’ biggest hang-up can … Continue reading

Space-saving Solutions for College Living

Capturing your customers’ attention by providing engaging displays, stocking essential products, and organizing your retail space in a way that truly shows you understand their needs is a key factor in making the most of your merchandise and your showroom. So what are some of your customers’ needs? Well, college students have more than a … Continue reading

The Importance of In-Store Display Solutions

In-store display solutions are a key component to the success of your business. The presentation of your merchandise will either prompt your customers to buy or walk-away. In other words, your store displays determine profit or loss. By using creative store displays, you’re making a certain visual connection with potential buyers of your product, one that is long … Continue reading