Sight Marketing

Previously we discussed how you can use sensory marketing to encourage students to buy more in your store. Sensory marketing allows you to connect with your students on a more emotional level. Now let’s take a more in-depth look at how sensory marketing works. We don’t want to say one sense is more important than the next, but sight might really take the torch on this. Most people buy products based on how they look. This has been happening since long before marketing tactics existed. The sight experience includes advertising, the design and aesthetics of a store, and product packaging. If your store doesn’t look appealing your students aren’t going to want to spend time in there. And even if they do, they’re not likely to stay long.

Here’s some ways you can implement sight marketing in your store:

  • Color: Look at the colors you’re using in your store. Research has shown that 90% of impulse buying decisions are made based on color. Research has also proven that people are more likely to remember the color of the object more than the object itself. Consider using bold colors to catch your customers’ eye.
  • Signage: Signage is used to guide your customers through your store. Not only is signage eye-catching, it also can be used to answer questions when your employees are tied up. Just be careful not to put too much info on the sign as you might lose your audience if there’s too much on there. The sign should be big and bold and easy to read from a distance.
  • Lighting: Avoid making your store feel like a warehouse by providing good lighting. Think of your primary lights that you’ll find throughout your store, ambient lighting, and any special lighting to use to draw attention to special products.
  • Grouping: Try grouping products by color. Another way to try is by setting the products up to cross-sell. Place other items that the customer might need or want to go with the product.

Sight is the most important of the senses. Think of all the space in your store that you could be using to make money. Sight marketing is what will grab your customer’s attention. Make your store more appealing and encourage your students to buy more in your store by utilizing sight marketing.


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