Scent Marketing

What does your store smell like? Research has shown that customers are not necessarily interested in the way the product itself smells, rather they are more intrigued by the environment that the product is purchased in. In today’s competitive world, it’s important to keep your store ahead of the game. Some stores will utilize sensory marketing in a variety of ways. Probably one of the most difficult ones to implement is scent marketing. Smell is the only sense that links directly to the memory and emotion part of the brain. Create a more memorable shopping experience by adding scent to your store.

Here’s some case studies of how brands have implemented scent marketing:

  1. Smell and Taste Institute carried out a research from Nike stores: according to this study, 84% of customers were more likely to purchase sneakers in a scented store. They were even willing to pay more for the same pair of shoes.
  2. According to a study from the International Journal of Marketing (1995): the amount of money spent in Gaming Houses increased by 45% when they added scent to their stores.
  3. Dunkin Donuts added the smell of coffee to their Digital Signage-advertising in mass transport in South Korea. Sales in store next to bus stops increased by 29%.
  4. Time Magazine in Belgium published a study in bookstores. The study lasted for 10 days and shows that after adding chocolate scent, the sales of cook books and novels for women increased by 40%.

Make sure that the scent you are using fits both the products and the environment. If the smell is unexpected it could have the opposite effect on the consumer. Another point to make here is to use simple smells as the brain processes them easier and will allow your customers to focus more on their shopping.

Sensory marketing has the ability to influence the shopping behavior and establishes an emotional connection with the customer. It also creates a memorable shopping experience for your customers. Scent marketing is more than just picking a random fragrance in your store. It creates an identity for your business and creates a message for your brand. Amplify these values with scent marketing.


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