Sound Marketing

Have you ever been shopping in a store that doesn’t have music playing? Did it leave you feeling empty? How much did you purchase? Sound is everywhere, and when you’re in a moment without sound it can leave you feeling uneasy. It can often be the missing piece to driving sales in retail stores. Sound gives your customers direction, sets their mood, and much more.

Here’s some reasons why you should be playing music in your store:

  1. Music creates the personality of your store. Is your store hip and vibrant? The music you choose to play in your store should match the personality of your store. From the moment a customer walks into your store they should be able to recognize the personality of your store.
  2. Music gives your customers connection. It gives a mood for your store, and if they’re enjoying the music customers are likely to spend more time there.
  3. Set the pace. Fast music will drive customers to move a little more quickly. Slower-paced music will slow them down. Take this into consideration. During peak times of the day and closing time play faster music to help speed things up. During non-peak times select slower tempo music.
  4. Music can provide encouragement for what customers purchase and how much they spend.
  5. Your employees can benefit from music too. Just like how the tempo of the music influences how fast customers will move, it has the same effect on your employees. Faster music will encourage them to move a little more quickly.

Customers might not even realize music is playing, but it has a real effect on them. A store without music playing can leave your customers feeling uncomfortable and create an unpleasant shopping experience. Be careful about the volume and music being played. Music that is too loud or music that is unpleasant can make your students walk out of your store without making a purchase. Find the sweet spot of the right music at the right volume and you can watch your sales increase. Beat the e-commerce competition and create brand loyalty by upping the in-store shopping experience. To wrap things up, playing good music while people wait to check out can make the wait time feel shorter because they’re being entertained and will be more likely to return.


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