Space-saving Solutions for College Living

Capturing your customers’ attention by providing engaging displays, stocking essential products, and organizing your retail space in a way that truly shows you understand their needs is a key factor in making the most of your merchandise and your showroom.

So what are some of your customers’ needs? Well, college students have more than a few, naturally, but the need for more space is definitely one that is within your capacity, as their go-to retailer, to provide.

And no, you cannot miraculously turn their 180 square foot dorm room into a penthouse suite nor can you magically make a few of their roommates disappear but you can offer products to make the most of the space that they have available.

Here are the top five space-saving products available from The Douglas Stewart Company. Take advantage of this perfect sales opportunity by organizing a savvy display to grab your customers’ attention and introduce items to simplify their lives.

1. Charging Stations

RCA 3 Outlet Travel Charging StationRCA 3 Outlet Travel Charging Station
Students can make the most out of limited space by turning one outlet into three, as well as gaining two USB charging ports along with a holder for smartphones, cameras, and handheld gaming consoles.

This keeps clutter off their desks and keeps all their devices charged and ready to go.

Chill Pill Mobile Speakers

2. Speakers

ChicBuds Porta Party Bluetooth Speakers

Audio is a must for students and these portable speaker options may be small but they offer big sound. These two options are great additions to your store as students love their tech gadgets and the price tag won’t hurt their wallet.

Chill Pill Mobile Speakers
ChicBuds Porta Party Bluetooth Speakers

3. OrganizersHoney-Can-Do Back-to-School Hom Organizer Kit

InterDesign Space Saver

This caddy can be used to hold beauty supplies or school supplies in cramped college living quarters.

These are items that every student needs but often forgets. Parking them within your customers’ line of vision is a great way to ensure that they grab those often-forgotten-about, but much-needed accessories on their way to the register.

Honey-Can-Do Back-to-School Home Organizer Kit
InterDesign Space Saver

4. Cable Clips and TiesDotz Cord IdentifiersDotz Cord Catcher

College students live in a world driven by technology and, therefore, must coexist with all the charging cables, syncing cables, cords and wires that come with their gadgets. Offer these organizational tools as a great way to provide your customer assistance in de-cluttering their work and/or living space.

Dotz Cord Catcher
Dotz Cord Identifiers

5. Mobile Projectors

Dorm rooms offer very little in terms of floor and desk space. Students already 3M Mobile LED Projectoruse their phones and tablets for everything, including watching their favorite movies and TV shows. Mobile projectors like the 3M Mobile LED Projector can save on the space a TV set would take up and project your students’ Netflix, Hulu, photos and videos across any blank canvas. Offer this compact solution for their dorm rooms.

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