Do You Know Your Stuff? Why Knowledgeable Sales Associates are Essential

Retail Knowledge 153018560_loresBeing knowledgeable about your products is key to making the most of your merchandise, especially with Millennials. It is important to be able to keep up with them and answer their questions; basically, you must know your products well.

According to a report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, over 83% of U.S. consumers do their research online before going into a brick and mortar store to purchase. By the time they get to the store some already know exactly what they want, but many still have questions.

Knowledge is Power
Having full knowledge of a product is a great way for sales associates to dispel any doubts, uncertainties or objections that a customer may have about a product before they buy it. Better yet, you’ll be using facts and your own personal product knowledge to enlighten your customer. This is extremely helpful in possible scenarios where conversations may turn to similar products, product reviews, or competitors.

Retailers’ Role in Millennials’ Purchasing
According to a study by Barkley Advertising Agency, retail associates can play a critical role in Millennials’ shopping experiences. If sales associates are unaware of current trends, or unable to answer questions about a product, they risk losing that customer.

In fact, according to Millennials interviewed in a survey by Accenture, the ability to ask questions, if needed, is one of the many reasons why they prefer to shop in a store rather than online.

Helpful Sales dv1291029_loresConfidence Inspired Confidence
If a customer isn’t completely sold on a product the reason may be that the associate helping them isn’t conveying much confidence in motivating them to purchase it. The more that you know about a product, the more confident you’ll be when interacting with customers. Enthusiasm is extremely valuable when advocating products to Millennials.

Actually, interacting with motivated, upbeat, and knowledgeable individuals can have a highly beneficial effect on a customer’s shopping experience. A survey by Axsium Group found that, on average, customers who have been helped or given suggestions by sales associates generally purchase more items than those who did not have the same interaction.

We know that it’s important to understand and express your knowledge about what the product is, what it’s used for, what products work well with it, and its value when speaking with your customers.

With the products offered from Douglas Stewart we strive to assist in educating our resellers on all of our offerings. If you’re looking to learn more about a product offered by The Douglas Stewart Company you can take advantage of the resources we have made available to you. For example, in the DSC Toolbox you can find a list of trainings and webinars available for certain vendors and products, current publications and product guides, our YouTube channel trainings, as well as a Resources section with links to additional assets to help you further your product knowledge. Our Account Managers are also a great source of information and insight.

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