The Apple iPhone 5s & 5c Breakdown

Last week Apple announced, after much speculation, that it is launching not one, but two new iPhone models: The 5s and 5c. With both of these set to be released on September 20th, here is the breakdown of each of the newest features for the corresponding models and the current responses of today’s college students.

iPhone 5s Models

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5c Models

iPhone 5c








New Features:

Fingerprint Identity Sensor – 5s only
Touch ID—this technology works to unlock the phone by scanning a fingerprint. The sensor is located on the home button for easy access. This means no longer having to remember passwords and offers the hope of reduced thefts. This feature can also be used to instantly authorize a purchase in the App Store or on iTunes.

Touch ID is sure to resonate well with the college market where campus burglaries are common and students are always searching for a seamless approach to managing their mobile lives.  This feature also makes security more inviting, as a surprising amount of students admit that they don’t lock their phones due to the inconvenience of typing in a password 20-30 times per day.

The New iSight Camera – 5s & 5c
The 8-megapixel camera features a wider aperture, larger sensor, and larger pixels. Together these features mean more light, which equals better photos. This new camera also features a dual LED flash which works to adjust the color temperature and light intensity. This allows for all photos to be lit in just the right way. Other features include slow motion video, live video zoom and a square photo option for easier integration with Instagram, among others.

While college students love snapping photos and many will be enticed by these new camera features, the fact remains that many still feel there are better cameras out in the market today—HTC One and Galaxy S4 for example.

The New Gold Color Option – 5s only
This new 5s model, built with aluminum housing, comes in three color options: silver, space gray (previously black) and, for the first time ever, gold.

Consumers will likely be excited about this new choice in color, if only because those seen with the gold model will allow everyone to know that they are equipped with the newest iPhone. However, some students have noted that their phones are often covered with cases anyway, and so new colors alone are not a big enough selling point for them.

For the Colorful – 5c only
This option, for the 5c model, is built with housing using more affordable materials like the new, colorful plastic housing. These iPhones are offered in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white.

For college students, these may be great options as they are more affordable than the 5s model, but for others, the option of new colors may not be enough to have them open their wallets to the newest Apple product.

A7 & M7 Chips – 5s only
The iPhone 5s is built as the first 64-bit smartphone. What this means is that this smartphone now offers detailed graphics and visual effects, just like a desktop computer. Apple also claims that battery life won’t be affected due to this upgrade because the new chips are “incredibly energy efficient.”

As phones are used quite frequently for things like streaming movies and videos, as well as playing games, this is a great feature to have. Still, many users feel that new processor chips and faster speeds don’t seem to have enough pull for them to purchase the new phone immediately.

iOS 7 – 5s & 5c
iOS 7 was designed to complement the 5s model. It works with all the new features, including the ones mentioned above, and was designed to make the new iPhone faster and more intuitive.

One thing to note is that, as of yesterday, September 18th, the new iOS 7 is an available upgrade for all iOS devices so users will not have to purchase the newest iPhone models to use this operating system.

The Student Consensus
Skepticism remains, as many students state that there aren’t enough “wow” factors to get them to switch when they are still perfectly happy with their old models.

However, this opinion has been the case with previous iPhone releases yet their overall sales and adoption speeds continue to beat out their predecessors, and many expect that these newest models will, in fact, follow the same path.

What This Means for Resellers
Due to the fact that there are basically no physical differences to the original iPhone 5 (same screen size/height: 4 inches/124mm; same thickness: 7.6mm) resellers can market existing iPhone 5 accessories to consumers.

The Douglas Stewart Company has many options of brands and products available that are compatible with the new iPhone 5s and 5c models. Check out brands like Incase, Boostcase, iLuv, Blueflame, and Symtek to name a few. For even more options be sure to keep an eye out for our Apple Accessories guide available in mid-October.

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