How To: Lay Out Your Store for Success

In your store, it’s important to create spaces where your students feel comfortable, whether they’re intently shopping or just killing time in-between classes. Often, a setback to brick-and-mortar shopping is the overwhelming experience students can have if the store is not laid out correctly. They may feel overstimulated walking into a crowded store with too many products and overly excited sales associates, driving them to just shop online. Create a naturally inviting environment that your students will enjoy by creating space for them to browse or just hang out with no pressure.

Remember, your first impression is key and you usually don’t get a second chance. Create an inviting entrance that allows students to take in what your store is all about. This is where they will gauge if they want to continue their shopping experience here, or go elsewhere.

As students make their way through the store, try to give them a path to follow. Subconsciously 90% of consumers will turn right when they enter a store. This space is often referred to as the “power wall,” so make sure to give special attention to what you display there. Next make sure you keep their attention with interesting displays throughout your store. When you merchandise your products, promote impulse purchases by grouping like items. Try creating “merchandise outposts” that display special products your students will want to stop and look at.

Make sure your students are comfortable as they shop by incorporating resting or waiting areas. If possible, designate a corner with a few chairs or benches that students can use as a quiet area for homework or reading. Sporadically having some seating areas throughout the store will encourage students to take their time shopping. Your students should also have adequate personal space when browsing so the store doesn’t feel crowded or uninviting.

Don’t forget to continually change up your store displays and signage, so your students are always having a new experience every time they visit. Creating different displays will entice them to constantly come in to see what’s new.


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