Best Practices for Retail Merchandising

Visual merchandising plays a key role in your store. A strong display will lead customers to the right product and product placement can lead to impulse purchases. Check out these best practices to create a great in-store experience.

Create a great window display

Draw students to your store with a window display. Keep it fresh by changing the theme throughout the year. For instance, start the school year by having your theme be school spirt. At the end of the year, have a beach or summer theme. Showcase some of your best sellers or new products.

Have staff showcase product

Utilizing displays and fixtures to display product is great but why not have your staff showcase product? If you have headphones, accessories, or seasonal merchandise that aren’t selling as well as you’d like, have your staff wear them while on the sales floor.

Keep a fresh look

Change up your product displays and display placement throughout the store regularly to keep customers interested. If you have big displays in the front of your store, switch out the product to highlight new and seasonal product. Most experts recommend changing up in-store displays once a week and window displays twice a month.


Strategically place complementary products near each other. If you have a display with wallets, have lanyards and keychains nearby.

Use in-store tech

If you have the budget, utilize tablets to encourage customer engagement. You can offer additional product information or ask customers to take a survey for a percentage off an item.

Try before you buy

Whenever possible, have a sample station where students can try the product before purchasing. This would be great for new coffee/tea flavors, spa products, writing utensils, etc.

If you’ve tried other retail merchandising tactics, share them in the comments below.

Source: VendHQ

One thought on “Best Practices for Retail Merchandising

  1. Also, if you have the budget, invest in some retail visual merchandising software. I’ve found the 3D display feature and whole store floor planning really make a big difference.

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