How to Increase Sales During the Slow Season

Now that the back-to-school rush is ending, it’s time to find ways to keep students coming to your store. Here are four ways to increase sales.

Create a Holiday

Instead of waiting until Thanksgiving or Christmas, plan a holiday unique to your store. Here are some national holidays to celebrate or create a holiday of your own. Announce the holiday on social media or put up flyers around campus.

October 1 – International Coffee Day

October 10 – National Cake Decorating Day

October 26 – National Pumpkin Day

November 4 – National Candy Day

November 11 – National Sundae Day

Design Store for Sales

Generate more sales by attracting students with creative displays. If you strategically place product for cross-selling opportunities, it will lead to more impulse purchases. Keep in mind that an energetic store creates a better shopping environment, leading to more sales.

Be Social

As you know, college students are all over social media today. Make sure you connect with them on social media by announcing sales, new products, and events in your store. If you aren’t on Snapchat, we suggest adding it to your social media strategy. According to Omnicore, 73% of Snapchat users are 18-24 years old and active Snapchat users open the app 20 times per day.

Move Outdoors

Bring a few racks outside to draw students to see what’s going on at the store. When students see something going on, they will be intrigued to check it out and potentially go inside to see more.

Source: Small Business and Omnicore

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