First Look: Fashion Forward Colors for Next Semester

Stay chic this spring with the top 10 color choices from the Pantone Color Institute. The colors you see below were based off of the lineup seen at New York’s Fashion Week. These colors aren’t just for clothes though; they will inspire designers and developers to reflect this pallet in their products for the spring.

Pantone calls 2017’s Spring Collection “A mixture of vitality, relaxation and great outdoors.” These hues are reminiscent of what’s found in nature and convey a sense of earthiness. There’s a renewed sense of imagination in this palette that’s different from traditional. Each color takes you to a different place in nature and evokes an emotion from it. The warmth from the sun is represented in Pantone’s Primrose Yellow and Pantone’s Island Paradise takes you to the blue waters of a tropical oasis. Envision your students immersing themselves in these colors as they pick products for second semester.


Want to carry the new color trends for the spring collection in notebooks, folders and binders? Make shopping easy for your students and pull the look together for them.

Get the Spring Lineup >>


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