Increase Sales with Planograms

Planograms are a good way to determine how to display products which can lead to increased sales. By utilizing planograms, you can have product in every square foot space in your store. Planograms make it easier to track inventory and reduce out-of-stocks. Students will appreciate the visual appeal and ease of shopping. Here are some best practices for using planograms.

  1. Start Simple

Since your time is limited, don’t make your planogram overly complicated. If you create a complicated and intricate process, you eventually will stop updating the planogram.

  1. Train Your Employees

Giving your employees a diagram won’t help them make a good planogram. Teach them how to use a planogram and provide general guidance on how the displays should look.

  1. Measure Your Plan

Pull sales reports each month and analyze how you can improve your planogram. If sales for a product is low, consider rearranging products or switching them out with something that might sell better.

  1. Assign Your Champions

If you have enough employees, assign employees a section of the store to oversee sales for that area, including visual merchandising. Stores that are well merchandised see less theft and can easily identify when something is lost.

  1. Know Your Customers

Shoppers today want product at eye level that they can touch and interact with. A good technique to try is having less on display and more product to interact with.

Source: The Balance Small Business

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