The Color Red

Empty battery

Photo credit: Thinkstock

Post by Muffin Mott, VP of Customer Experience

Up until nine months ago I was a Blackberry® user.  I always have preferred a physical keyboard and the fact that I was able to pull my luggage through the airport, while typing an email at the same time. In my book, that was a reason for not switching to an iPhone® or Android® device.  But given the world we live in, moving to either one was required for business.  During the first few days of being a new iPhone user, I quickly found that being able to walk and type at the same time was  not the most important feature,  but instead the battery life of my phone. With my previous Blackberry phone, I could go from sun up to sun down as an active user without ever having to drain my battery.  Unfortunately, that was not true with my new phone. My battery was already “in the red” half way through the work day.

Another thing you may not know about me is that I love the color red. Red hand bags. Red cowboy boots. But red on my phone was not going to work.   That is why I am so thankful for Third Rail® and Boostcase® charging cases.  Booth vendors have created nice cases for the iPhone that protect your phone while also charging the battery.  Their unique designs allow you to add the extra battery (on or off) for use only when you need it.  The extra battery does create a little bulk and a bit of weight, but I’ll take day any day over being in the red. Now, I can go from 6am to 10pm and my battery is still green and full of charge. Whew!  I can’t thank Third Rail and Boostcase enough!  No more charging my phone half way through the day.  And I am happy to say I can love the color red again.

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