Increase Your In-Store Sales with Effective Use of Signage

Sale Now Sign

Effective in-store signage can help raise product awareness.


According to the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute in-store advertising, such as point of purchase (POP) displays, influence 53 to 60 percent of consumer purchases. Another research study revealed that during the same sale period if 100 products were sold with no signage:

  • Then 170 were sold when handwritten signs were used
  • 265 products were sold when signs were professionally produced to sell the products.

From end cap signage to window displays, in-store signage guides customers through the retail location and provides valuable information to assist the customer in their purchase decisions.

Here are a few thoughts to consider when developing and placing in-store signage:

  1. Identify advertised lines
  2. Explain hidden benefits
  3. Indicate value & price
  4. Highlight new trends & products
  5. Explain difference between look-a-likes
  6. Help customers find products
  7. Pick daily, weekly or monthly specials carefully.  If everything in the store is ‘on sale’ the uniqueness of an offer is diminished.
  8. When a sign becomes ‘tired’ (e.g. torn, dirty and stained) remove the sign from the floor.

The Douglas Stewart Company offers dozens of in-store signage solutions and displays with qualifying product orders. To find out more, please contact your Account Manager at 800-279-2795.

2 thoughts on “Increase Your In-Store Sales with Effective Use of Signage

  1. The retail business signs are picky to your long-term victory as a company, it’s also crucial to make sure that you build the retail signs that will get noticed – the signs that will make sure those consumers are ready to make a purchase.

  2. Very true, signage placement and design should be strategic. They can act as a great silent salesperson to help drive customers to purchase when done well. Thanks for your comment, @BrooklynSigns.

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