Tech Talk: What is MagSafe?

In October 2020, Apple announced the iPhone 12. The new iPhone comes packed with features, one being MagSafe. Now you might be wondering what’s MagSafe and what does this mean for iPhone accessories. We’re going to break it down for you.

MagSafe is a magnetic coil ring in the new iPhone12 that connects accessories to the iPhone via magnets allowing users ultimate flexibility for styling their phone. Users can easily snap MagSafe compatible accessories such as wallets, cases, grips, mounts, and chargers to their phone. Gone are the days of sticking adhesive products to a phone or case.  

MagSafe also allows users to charge their iPhone even faster with 15W of power. The standard Qi wireless changing, which is still compatible, charges 7.5W. While the MagSafe wireless charging is fast, the fastest way to charge the iPhone 12 is with a lightning to UBC charging cord.

iPhone 12 is the fastest growing iPhone with 76% of iPhone sales in October and November 2020 compared to the iPhone 11 at 69% of sales according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. This means more consumers are going to be purchasing iPhone 12 accessories, specifically MagSafe compatible. Now since this technology is so new, third party accessory companies are launching new cases, mounts, grips, wallets, and chargers later because they need to do extensive research to ensure the accessories are compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. We’ll probably see more MagSafe accessories launched spring and summer 2021.

Source: MacRumors and Apple Insiders

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