5 Ways to Have Better Open Rates with Automatic Emails

Do you send out transactional emails to your students? These are emails that are automatically sent to students as a response to a request. It can be a status update on orders that were placed, an update to a payment, class changes, etc. As simple as these emails may be, they don’t have to be mediocre. Your store, your store’s website, and everything you do within those realms builds a trusting relationship between you and your students. These transactional emails are an extension of that trust and they keep your customer involved and informed.

Stand out from the rest of the hundreds of emails with these best practices:

  1. Have a good subject line.

If you can’t even get customers to open your emails you should start by looking at your subject line. You will increase your open rates if you can personalize the subject line. A good start place would be to include the recipient’s name in the subject line. The more information you can provide in the subject line without overdoing it the better. Keep in mind that the subject line shouldn’t be longer than the preview of it allows to be seen—keep it around 16 – 41 characters.

2. Keep it simple.

Keep your copy easy to read. Your students and other customers don’t want to read an entire paragraph of information. Keep it simple, use bullet points, and keep it to the point. Bring attention to specific parts of the email that need it by putting words in bold, special colors, etc., anything that will make it stand out so that it doesn’t get lost in the email. Doing this will make the content easier to digest.

3. Be consistent with your branding.

Keep your school’s or store’s logo in your emails and make sure it’s consistent in all your emails. Your customers should recognize the email is from you within seconds of glancing at it.

4. Ask customers for feedback.

All feedback is good feedback, right? Provide a link at the end of the email to email feedback to. You might not get a lot, but this is a good way to hear from your customers on ways to improve your services. This gives your customers a role in your company, and it provides customer service.

5. Make the email mobile friendly.

With many people viewing emails on their mobile device, a lot of content can be lost if it’s not formatted correctly. Avoid this mistake by making sure the email you produce is mobile friendly.

Have a compelling subject line to get higher open rates, provide valuable content that has consistent branding, and keep it in an easy-to-read format. Give your customers a role in your company and ask them for their feedback and make your emails mobile-friendly. Follow these best practices for better transactional emails.

Source: myemma.com

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