Making a Successful Marketing Plan: Research and Goal Setting

marketing meme.jpg

So you are interested in creating a marketing plan? That’s great news, we’ve discussed marketing in the past but we haven’t walked you through the implementation. Every marketing activity should be a part of a larger campaign. If your marketing efforts have failed in the past, this may be the reason. Do not just send an email to your customers about a promotion, think of the larger picture. You want to create more foot traffic and sales, when you have a master marketing plan you gain tracking information to learn what works verses what does not. Creating a campaign with compelling content is harder than it looks. Although we cannot create all of your content for you, we can give you tools to do so.

Research and Goal Setting

Start by doing some research; ask other campus stores what is working well for them. Keep in mind your campus has a different culture so what worked well for other campus stores may have to be tweaked to fit yours.

Once you found a few brilliant ideas dissect it. Look at how long it will take to implement, what resources will it require, what results do you want verses expect, do you need help from other team members?

When setting your goals be as specific as possible! After you’ve identified an apt opportunity, think deeply about your expectations from the marketing campaign. Be realistic in your goals, you probably will not increase your sales by 1000% overnight. Look at your which KPI (key performance indicators) affect your campus store most. Use faculty and student demographic information from your university. It’s accurate research on your target demographic and can help you set your KPI.


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