Dorm essentials: What to bring to college

Campus stores are the go to location for putting the finishing touches on a dorm room. The Douglas Stewart Company has all of the products you need to make your store the back-to-school destination. Make sure your staff is able to show customers the value of everyday products that make a big difference on campus.

etilize_55114A Combination Lock
You never know when a combination lock will come in handy. Just because you rent a locker on campus does not mean you’ll get a lock. Save the anguish and come to campus ready to go with your own combination lock.


Command Hooks
If you plan on hanging string lights, picture frames, canvases, or tapestries in your dorm room, Command Hooks are a must. They come in different shapes and sizes while holding your decorations safely. Unlike putty Command Hooks remove cleanly and  without leaving residue behind.


A Fan
Even if your room is air conditioned a fan will prevent the air from becoming stale. A rotating fan will provide an additional fresh breeze to your room and your roommates will thank you.


A Shower Tote
A private bathroom is a luxury in college, you’ll likely have to share it with another person or many. A shower tote not only keeps all of your toiletries in one place (go organization!), but it makes the trip to the bathroom so much easier. You do not have to worry about forgetting anything because everything is in one place.


Office Supplies
You’d be surprised how many teachers require papers to be stapled or homework written in black or blue pens. Invest in a stapler, pens, pencils, highlighters, paper clips, and other school supplies. Not all colleges have gone digital, having these supplies on hand will save you time when a deadline is approaching.

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