How Stores are Stepping-Up and Redefining the Checkout Process

Technology is constantly changing the way people shop and one of the biggest pain points for consumers is the amount of time spent standing in the checkout line. Large companies are starting to put the checkout process in the hands of the user, allowing them to skip the checkout lanes completely. This is not only more convenient for shoppers, but it’s reducing the need for cashiers and lowering labor costs for retailers. Take a look at how Sam’s Club and Amazon are redefining the way their shoppers approach the checkout process.

Sam’s Club Scan and Go App

Sam’s club is making the checkout experience as easy as 1, 2, 3 with their new scan and go app. This technology allows consumers to simply scan the barcode of each item they want to purchase as they shop. Once shoppers are set, they simply pay using their smartphone from anywhere in the store and show the digital receipt to an associate on their way out. Not only can you save time by skipping the large checkout line, but shoppers can also track their spending. The Scan and Go app is a great budgeting tool that allows users to track what they spend just by using the app while they shop.


Amazon Go Stores

Leave it to Amazon, who has introduced the world’s most advanced technology with their new Amazon Go store creating a “just-walk-out shopping experience” for consumers. This checkout-free technology automatically detects when products are taken from the shelves, keeping track of them in a virtual cart. When the consumer is done shopping, they simply leave the store and will be charged shortly after on their Amazon account. Could it get any easier?

There’s currently only one Amazon Go store that is about 1,800 square feet, located around the corner from the company’s Seattle headquarters. Presently it’s only open to Amazon employees, but will be open to the public early 2017. Watch their video to see how it works.

Although this technology is far from taking over all retail stores, it is interesting to see what is on the horizon. Consider how either of these technologies could work for your store as they develop and become more widely available


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