Millennials Versus Gen Z – 3 Differences You Need to Know

Although both Millennials and Generation Z are extremely tech savvy and digitally inclined, the way they consume content is different. Instead of lumping them into the same group, it’s important to know what resonates with each generation. Based on their age and preferences, they are two entirely different audiences. Millennials are defined as the generation born between 1980-1995 and Gen Z are those born after 1995. Learn what sets them apart so you can engage with them when and where they shop.

1. Shopping In-Store
Millennials watched the digital world transform from dial-up to high speed internet, and they take advantage of it. They like the convenience of online shopping versus in-store, pulling out their smartphones whenever they need something new.

Since Generation Z grew up in the digital era, they enjoy shopping in stores to see and feel the product before they buy it. Generation Z is much more focused on having an overall experience when they enter a store and they base their future shopping preferences off the service they receive.

2. Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing started with Millennials through well-known and iconic figures and it has been received well through both generations. Generation Z though, is always looking for authenticity when they shop and often turn to influencers found online through YouTube and Instagram. Generation Z, more than Millennials want feedback and recommendations from real people they feel they can relate to.

3. Digital Platforms
In this digitally fueled world, it’s challenging to get anyone’s attention. Millennials on average have the attention span of 12 seconds, and Generation Z only has about 8. These generations also consume information differently and utilize different platforms.

Millennials tend to bounce between three screens at a time and often spend 3 hours and 45 minutes online per day. The social media platforms that are popular among Millennials are primarily Facebook and Twitter. These were also some of the first social media platforms Millennials had access to.

Not only does Generation Z have a shorter attention span, but they are also juggling up to five devices at a time. In contrast to Millennials, Generation Z spends about 4 hours and 10 minutes online daily. Generation Z leans towards image-led social media platforms among Generation Z like Snapchat, Instagram.


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