How to Market to Younger Generations

Millennials are probably the most criticized of the generations to date. They were born in the crossroads of the internet vs the baby boomers. They’re always on their phones, live in the digital world, and have different values. But that’s why we love them because we’ve learned a lot from them! After millennials came Generation Z (people born in the mid-90’s to early 2000s). In the words of many comedians, it’s a tough crowd. By that we mean that it’s hard to impress them. Here’s what we’ve learned from millennials and Gen Z. When it comes to marketing to your younger crowd it is important to understand their language. You ‘gotta’ talk like they do and think about what their interests are. To capture their attention you have to be quick and to the point. But you have to be careful not to lose their attention at the same time. Here are some things you can do to market to your students more effectively.

Have a social media strategy to increase your visibility. Marketing efforts like emails are not going to be as valuable to your students. Your students are all over the social media game. Look for trending hashtags and use them appropriately. Put yourself out there and make sure you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To gain the trust of your students, be authentic in the content you post. We see so many companies try to be everywhere at once. Although it’s important to have a social media presence, don’t overdo it. Be where your target audience is. Don’t focus on selling a product—rather put the attention on how you can help them.

Keep the content short and clear. The younger generation decides of whether or not they like something very quickly. GIFs are a great way to capture their attention quickly and effectively, making them the perfect tool for those with a short attention span. According to huffingtonpost.com “with attention spans plummeting (down to 8 seconds), 30% of users give content 5 seconds before leaving.” Find that sweet spot to create meaningful content that isn’t too long but still delivers a powerful message.

Improve your marketing efforts by following these suggestions to cater to your younger audience.

Source: forbes.com, huffingtonpost.com

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