Customer Service on Social Media

Social media seems to be the customer’s outlet to the world. People can say anything they want. Do you respond to all the posts on your social media sites? The good, the bad, and the downright ugly? The way you respond is important because it shows how you handle business. And yes, you should always respond. Even to the neutral posts, when you respond it shows that you are paying attention to them. Sometimes that’s all they’re looking for—an interaction. Sometimes they’re not looking for a response at all and just want to voice their opinion. When you respond your customers will be that much more impressed that you’re listening. Call it a millennial thing, but studies have shown that many people have used social media to communicate with a brand.

Here’s some tips on how to provide customer service on social media:

  1. Be where your customers are. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter. Be careful though, these platforms are not one-size-fits-all. Your customers preferred social media site might be different than what it is for your competitors. To find out where your customers are try searching your company on different sites. You can then analyze this to determine which sites you should focus on.
  2. Don’t assume your customers know your social media handle. When you search social media sites don’t use your social handle. Try your company name, and misspellings of it too.
  3. Be timely with your response. People expect a faster response on social media than they do, say, emailing an inquiry. Studies have shown that most people expect a response within an hour. The times your customers are submitting their inquiries might not align with your business hours. Some businesses are opting to keep up with these inquiries instead of making your customers wait.
  4. Have an appropriate response. What is the tone of the message? Is your customer angry? Show understanding and compassion in your response. Responding to an angry customer with emoticons might not be the best response. Determine the tone of the message to form an appropriate response.

Providing good customer service on social media can impact your sales.  Keeping up with these messages will lead to happier customers, give you a better reputation, and lead to more sales. #Winning! Your customers hold the power for your social media presence. Ignoring comments can have a negative impact on your store. Make sure you respond to your customers quickly and appropriately. No matter what, by responding to your customers on social media you are showing them that you are listening.


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