Shopping Trends for Generation Z

Generation Z is starting college and their outlook on shopping is different than millennials. Millennials are all about the convenience of online shopping. Gen Z is going “old school” and more interested in shopping in store. In fact, Gen Z is researching product on their mobile device before buying in store.

So how do retailers keep up with the Gen Z shopping trends? Omnichannel is the perfect place to start. Stores need to make sure customers’ in-store experience matches their online experience. Here’s what you need on your website:

  • Product photos
  • Inventory information
  • Product details
  • As many customer testimonials as possible

Free shipping is also a must and the option for two-day shipping or in-store pickup for the customers who can’t wait for their purchase.

Now, let’s look at the in-store experience. According to a Pricewaterhouse Cooper survey, 81% of Gen Z said they prefer to shop in stores. Gen Z is looking for a “fun experience” and “live events” in their favorite stores. To help get students in your store, try adding fun décor and having an event to encourage students to stop by.

Source: SPS Commerce

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