How to Manage Textbook Buyback and Rental Returns

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With students no longer on campus, textbook return and buyback will look quite different this year. Make sure you can accommodate students and consider extending your rental return deadline. Here are some ways to handle textbook rental returns.

Bookstore Drop Box

A great option for no contact drop-off is putting a drop box outside your store for students to drop off their books. If you don’t have access to a drop box, ask your local library to assist with a drop box option or use your campus library.

Drive-Thru or Curbside Drop Off

To make it easier for your store to check in books, you could offer a drive-thru or curbside drop off option. Students can give their books to you and you can check the books in.

Ship Books Back

Allow students to mail their books back. You can either email them a shipping label or provide the shipping address for them to return their books at their expense.

Extend Return Deadline

If your store is able, extending the deadline for rental returns to fall is another option. This will keep your students and store staff safe so they don’t have to come into contact during the current outbreak.

For textbook buyback, stores can work with a third party to conduct buyback, provide buyback option on their website or hold off on textbook buyback until their store reopens.

Are there other options your campus is considering? Please let us know in the comments

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