How COVID-19 is Changing Retail: Where and How Consumers are Shopping

A couple weeks ago on Retail Connection, we talked about how consumers are adapting to a new normal when it come to shopping. Let’s continue our discuss this week and dive into where and how consumers are shopping.

With small businesses being effected by COVID-19 and consumers witnessing dramatic effects of climate change, consumers are supporting local and sustainable businesses more than ever. Ecommerce is also on the rise with no signs of slowing since online shopping provides consumers safe and convenient shopping.

Due to the pandemic, 35% of consumers stated their income had declined and 54% say they are shopping more cost consciously according to Accenture COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Research.

Are you curious what you can do to meet your consumers expectations? Here are some considerations for your store.

  1. Create relationships with local businesses and try to partner together and help each other during these trying times
  2. Be sure you are offering a wide price range within your assortment so you can meet the financial needs of your customers
  3. Consider expanding your product offerings to include health and wellness products as people continue to be more health conscious
  4. If your store is helping promote sustainability, talk about it on social media, in your store, or online so your customers know
  5. Make sure your store has an eCommerce presence and that you offer buy online, pickup in-store

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