What to Expect at ICBA 2021

ICBA is right around the corner. ICBA is one of the biggest tradeshows for campus bookstores to attend and connects stores with some of our top vendors. ICBA, is being held virtually this year. But not to worry, we can still expect an engaging and informative conference like years before.

We’d like to take some time to tell you what to expect and ICBA 2021 and which DSC vendors you can expect to see at the conference.

ICBA 2021 takes place February 4-17, 2021 with vendor meetings being conducted February 9-11, 2021. Throughout the conference, attendees will attend sessions and gather industry information that will help their store grow and continue succeeding. This year, most sessions will be recorded for on-demand viewing at your leisure. There will also be networking opportunities to talk with your peers and discuss challenges and exchange ideas.

In addition to the informational sessions and networking, attendees will have 10-minute appointments with vendors in a round-robin format to form new partnerships and grow existing ones. Here are the DSC vendors that will be attending ICBA 2021.





Happy Plugs

JBL by Harman


Microsoft Surface




DSC Supplies Vendors – BIC, Hamelin, Mead, Pentel, Pilot, Roaring Spring, Rocketbook, Sanford, Takeya, TOPS, Zebra

We hope this provided a good overview of what to expect at ICBA 2021 and hope you have a great conference.

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