6 Ways to Encourage Impulse Buying in Your Store

What is the easiest way to boost sales in your store? Limited-time promotions? New items? Above all other things, the easiest way to increase sales in your store is to encourage impulse buying. We’ve all been in a store that has what seems like an entire aisle just for impulse purchases. Lets just state the fact here: 2020 forced shopping activities to go online. For those that do go shopping in-the store, these items placed for impulse buying are going to be your biggest sale items. Here is our secret recipe for having successful impulse buys.

  1. Create a path for customers to follow. When you create a pathway for your customers, you have control over where they go. With this practice you can determine where your customers are going to need a visual break, and where you can insert these impulse items.
  2. Keep it under $20. This is a general rule of thumb—don’t exceed $20. Customers, students in general, are not going to drop a ton of money on high priced items.
  3. Consider the placement of the product. It doesn’t need to be right next to the register, though that’s where a lot of the impulse buying happens. That retail space should be for small grab-and-go type items (i.e. gum, candy, cheap headphones, etc.). If you place these items near popular items, it gives your customers a visual break, and it catches their attention, which is what you want and need to make that extra sale.
  4. Draw attention to your products. “Look over here!” Wouldn’t it be great if one of your employees could magically pop in places around the store and just shout that out? But since customers might find that creepy, consider doing this instead. First, use products that come with a display. Second, make sure you’re using brightly colored items. Third, have good lighting in your store. That doesn’t mean you need spotlights and the whole shebang, just have a well-lit store.
  5. Limit the number of options. If you’re showing a product that comes in 20 different colors the customer is going to pause before they make a purchase. You don’t want that.
  6. Train your staff to sell impulse buy products. We’re not saying they should be selling packs of gum here. But these products are easy to add on to any sale, and your staff should be able to do it.

Selling impulse products doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow these ideas to boost sales in your store.


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