Microsoft Reseller Training Program

It’s important for your sales staff to be knowledgeable on your products, but with higher priced products like Microsoft Surface laptops and tablets, this can be difficult. If this is the case for your store, then the Microsoft Reseller Training Program is for you.

The Microsoft Surface Reseller Training Program takes the guesswork off your hands when it comes to selling Microsoft Surface devices to your students. The program gives a high-level overview of the key buyers in each department, the challenges that department faces, what features their ideal device has, important questions to ask to make a recommendation of the appropriate devices, common objections and how to handle them, as well as our recommended devices for the department.

Because Microsoft offers so many options when it comes to purchasing laptops and tablets, the program also includes training on each of the Surface devices. There is a 30 second overview, key features, selling and positioning tips, common objections and how to handle them, and upselling opportunities for all Surface products. The Microsoft Reseller Training Program teaches you and your staff how to emphasize the versatility, portability, and reliability of Microsoft Surface devices for college students and staff.

Build confidence in your store’s Microsoft Surface hardware program with essential, easy-to-digest knowledge and positioning tailored to college resellers.

Departmental Sales Training

The program includes departmental sales training and product training. In the department sales training section, you’ll learn the key roles in each department on campus, key buyers, the challenges they face, common objections and how to handle them, and the recommended products for each department.

Surface Products Training

In the Surface Products section, you’ll learn how each device can fit the unique wants and needs of different students. Can it stream movies? Can it sync to a cell phone? Can it switch from tablet to laptop? How heavy is it? Find out the answers to these questions and more in our Product Training courses.

Battle Cards

Both the departmental sales training and products training include “battle cards” with product information, selling tips, answers to main objections, and more. All cards are available for download for a quick refresher any time you need it.

Start the Microsoft Reseller Training Program and watch your sales increase as you pick the perfect Surface devices for your customers.

For more information, check out Microsoft’s Information Center on

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