Campus Safety Month: Digital Privacy

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

This generation of college students is more online than ever. Business Wire says that, “Gen Z’s identity is inextricably tied to being online, resetting expectations for digital experiences.” Because of this, during campus safety month, one should consider the safety of privacy when it comes to digital devices.

Privacy Screens

In this digital age, most students do most of their work on their laptops and smartphones. Whether it is classwork, employment, or financial aid, much of this work is private in nature. As such, privacy screens are a must-have to sell in your campus store. These screens protect against security threats by restricting the screen view so that the contents of the screen can only be seen by the person in front of it. They also give the same advantages as a regular screen protector in guarding against scratches and smudges.

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Webcam Privacy

In seconds, cybercriminals and voyeurs can secretly take over and control the camera on laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices-giving them access to images and video of most intimate moments. Protect your students’ privacy by selling webcam covers or webcams with privacy shutters. Check out our recommendations from

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