Reasons Part-Time Employees Might Undermine Your Store

Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

As a campus bookstore, you most likely hire several college students as part-time employees. Unfortunately, this naturally leads to a high turn-over rate as students get busier semesters or graduate. The temptation can be to limit the employees’ hours and training, thinking that this may save you time or allow you to be more flexible. However, Bob Phibbs notes that this can lead to many issues and even your employees undermining your store.

Why this is unfair to employees

Oftentimes when stores expect their part time employees to be loyal, give advance notice when they can’t work, and display exemplary work ethic they also simultaneously limit their employees’ hours and training.  This communicates to employees that the store expects everything from them but will give them nothing in return.

As Bob Phibbs says, “But no self-respecting employee will deliver so much when they receive so little, so employee turnovers ratchet up and Operations Directors complain they can’t find good help.”

Five reasons employees could undermine

Bob Phibbs gives these some reasons part-time employees could undermine your store.

  1. Part-time employees who work less than twenty hours a week won’t have the opportunity to understand your brand, how the store runs, or what a customer’s experience should be.
  2. Limited hours and training make part-time workers willing to pass work onto someone else, either because they lack the experience and answers or because they are unmotivated to give their best work.
  3. Because they don’t feel connected to the manager or store, they are more likely to call in with little to no notice, especially around holidays.
  4. If their hours are limited, promotions are denied, and they feel there are no opportunities for them, they are more likely to feel “entitled” to steal from the store.
  5. Since they do not feel appreciated or recognized, they are more likely to suggest to customers that they shop elsewhere.

Want some tips on how to make employees happy at work? Check out this video from TED.


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