6 Ways to Thank Your Employees

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

As an employer, you have a unique opportunity to show gratitude towards your employees. Not only is this an excellent way to show leadership, thanking your employees is also good for your business. Since every employee is different, the best expression of gratitude depends on the individual. Here are six ways you can show appreciation to your employees.

1 – One-on-one verbal praise

Revunit notes that twenty-eight percent of employees preferred private verbal expressions of appreciation, indicating the value of a simple thank you—even over a monetary bonus. It is important to remember to be specific in your individual thanks. Note what the worker did right and why it mattered so they know you are being sincere.

2 – Verbal praise in a group

Once again, it is important to know your employees as individuals in order to genuinely give appreciation. While public praise could be embarrassing or anxiety-inducing for some individuals, others thrive on it. Publicly expressing gratitude for an employee’s job well-done in a meeting can be a powerful motivating factor for not just the employee but the co-workers observing.

3 – Online messages

Many companies have implemented employee recognition programs. According to Semos, “Employee recognition programs are employer initiatives to reward its employees for achievement, new behaviors, anniversaries and milestones.” Reward apps and online tools not only allow managers to reward employees, but also allow employees to reward and thank each other. Although it may seem like a small token of thanks, for many employees this can mean a great deal.

4 – Handwritten notes

A handwritten note is always meaningful, especially if it comes from someone you respect. Giving handwritten thank you notes can be especially impactful during holidays to show a personalized touch to the gratitude.

5 – Monetary bonuses

It is important to match recognition to effort. While monetary bonuses are not always necessary to express gratitude, if an employee has truly gone above and beyond it may be more appropriate. Rewards should commensurate with employee effort.

6 – Tangible bonuses

A thank you bonus doesn’t always have to be in cash. Employees also appreciate gift cards, food, etc. This can be a great opportunity to personalize the gift to the specific employee. Does this individual have a favorite coffee shop? A gift card there shows not only the gratitude, but shows you know the employee well. Of course, any gift should always be work-appropriate and one that the employee will not feel uncomfortable accepting.

Sources: https://www.revunit.com/post/effectively-thank-employees

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