The Backbone of DSC: Warehouse Highlight

For the month of January, we want to bring special attention to our warehouse! Although usually behind the scenes, the warehouse is truly the backbone of DSC. Our warehouse proudly has extremely low error rates, injury rates, and works hard to have low shipping rates. We are constantly impressed by their efficiency, speed, and strategy when it comes to packing and shipping orders.

What Makes Our Warehouse Special?

What makes our warehouse so special? For many employees, it is the flexible work hours. Unlike most warehouse jobs, our employees rarely work a shift outside of the hours of 7am-5:30pm during the week and almost never work weekends. As with the rest of DSC, the warehouse is family orientated. Need some flexibility in your hours so you can drop kids off at school or daycare? No problem! We know that employees are happier with their work when they are allowed to put their family first. In fact, we often have employees’ children come to visit the warehouse and they have fun in the energetic atmosphere!

For other employees, they find great value in their work because they are shaping the future of the next generation. Our warehouse is unique because we are supplying college students with the supplies they need. Employees aren’t just selling and packing products, they may be sending out supplies to the world’s next greatest thinkers! College students are our future, and our warehouse feels special to have a part in shaping that future.

What Sets the DSC Warehouse Apart?

Our warehouse rarely, if ever, has a problem with theft thanks to our high-quality security systems and our beloved “guard dogs.” Although our furry friends may look fierce, they are mostly on the look-out for someone to pet them.

We also encourage employees to play their favorite music in the warehouse, making it a fun and low stress environment with plenty of energy and comradery. Packing and shipping orders doesn’t have to be monotonous, at DSC it’s full of fun!

Recently, we also started a new initiative to be more green and environmentally conscious. Our workers started re-using boxes and we have significantly less waste, not to mention it has saved money so we can keep our costs low!  

Know someone who would be a great fit for our warehouse? Check out these job openings and pass them along!

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