Back-to-School Shopping: What is our sales team recommending?

Wondering what to stock for back-to-school? See what our sales team is recommending!

Christian recommends Movo!

Christian recommends Movo. “Movo’s entire line is perfect for content creators and curators. As social media continues to expand, these kinds of products will help stores achieve success in this category.”

Did you know that over half of Gen Z aspires to be some sort of content creator or influencer? Movo is the perfect brand to stock in your store since they offer high quality accessories and gear that are accessible to creators of all levels.

Say goodbye to complicated, expensive filming setups that are inaccessible to college students.

Movo offers smartphone kits and rigs that effortlessly levels up students’ content creation.

Your students will love the compact, lightweight accessories that make it perfect for on-the-go creators.

Check out all of Movo’s products HERE!

Are you still feeling overwhelmed about back-to-school ordering? Stay tuned for late April when we launch a refresh of our School & Dorm Supplies Portal! This portal is the easiest way to find the best-selling products your students need. You can explore best-sellers for academics, campus life, and more. We’ll show you our recommended products and take away the headache of determining the school and dorm assortment for your store.

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