IT Department Highlight: The Driving Force Behind DSC

We are excited to highlight our IT Department this month! Our IT Department is the driving force behind DSC and we couldn’t function well without them!

What Makes IT Special

What makes our IT department so special? Our IT department drives the growth and services that DSC offers. They are the foundation of our company and the driving force behind everything we do!

What Sets Our IT Apart

What sets our IT department apart? Our IT team works in a fast-paced environment to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and our company. They are highly flexible, hard-working, dedicated problem-solvers.

Employee Shoutouts

Over the last year, the IT department initiated a total re-do of the data center, in spite of the challenges that Covid-19 presented. Our IT team has adapted to the “new normal” of the world and efficiently supports both remote and in-office employees over multiple states.

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