Product Management Department Highlight: The Experts of DSC

We are excited to highlight our Product Management Department this month! Product Management are the experts of DSC. Each of our Product Managers work with specific vendors in specific categories and are committed to keeping up with trends and top selling products.

New Employee – Mia Bergstrom

Welcome to the Product Management team, Mia Bergstrom! Mia is joining as a Retail Product Manager working with our Supplies and Consumables vendors. She is most looking forward to starting her career in Product Management at DSC and joining the very welcoming Madison community. In her spare time, she loves baking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Fun fact about Mia, she loves to travel, her favorite place she has traveled is Belize! Please join us in welcoming Mia!

Retail Product Management

Amanda Grinde is our other wonderful Retail Product Manager working primarily with Consumer Electronics and Peripherals and Accessories vendors. These vendors’ products include everything from speakers and headphones to phone cases and pop sockets. Amanda is excellent at keeping up with the latest trends in electronics and accessories for the college demographic and hot products stores should be stocking up on.

Hardware Product Management

Dean Wolinski and Robyn Bernier are our two Hardware Product Managers. Dean manages Microsoft Surface products and is also a Sales Specialist for Microsoft. Dean is the expert on Microsoft Surface laptops, Microsoft Reseller training, and more. Robyn manages Dell products and keeps up with new Dell laptops stores should be selling.

VAR Product Management

Zachary Bolt and Aaron Skinner are our two Product Managers on the K-12 side of DSC, working with Value Added Resellers (VAR). The vendors they work with have products for K-12 classrooms encouraging STEM/STEAM education, and include robotics, 3D printing, VR, Makerspace, mobile learning, and more. Zac and Aaron keep up with the latest trends in K-12 education and classroom solutions.

Assistant Product Managers

Our Product Managers are extremely grateful for their Assistant Product Managers (APMs) who work tirelessly to make sure everything in the department runs smoothly. We want to give a hearty shoutout to our three APMs: Tabatha Adams, Bill Huber, and Nick McCormick. Tabbi works with Dean assisting with Microsoft, Bill works with Robyn assisting with Dell, and Nick works with both VAR and Retail. Our APMs are a vital part of the Product Management team!

DSS Program Management

Denise Johnson is our Program Manager for DSS and works with education software vendors. Denise is an expert at keeping up with the latest trends in education software and works with products such as software licensing, training programs, and software finished goods, especially for K-12 STEM/STEAM education.

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