Human Resource Department Highlight: Behind-the-Scenes of DSC

This month, we are excited to highlight our amazing Human Resources and Maintenance departments! Although both of these of often the behind the scenes of DSC, they are vital to our functioning, wellbeing, and daily operations. Since they often are in the background, this highlight is well-deserved!

Employee Highlight: Janet Ninneman

Janet Ninneman is our Human Resources Supervisor and was recently promoted back in March! Janet has been at DSC for nearly six years. From employee onboarding, to employee benefits, to making sure policies are up to date, Janet’s work is vital to the well-being of all of us at DSC. Everyone loves her bubbly personality, warm smile, and hardworking spirit!

Employee Highlight: David O’Kane

David O’Kane has been at the Douglas Stewart Company for twenty-one years and we are incredibly grateful for all the work he has done. Did you know that DSC recently moved into a new building? David was instrumental in working with each department to clean, pack, and move. He has put in many extra hours on weekends making sure that we are all taken care of at DSC.

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