Department Highlight: Adobe & Douglas Stewart Software & Services

Did you know that in June we launched our newest division, Douglas Stewart Software & Services (DSS)?

As the largest education-focused distributor in North America, The Douglas Stewart Company recognizes that different products and solutions require different levels of support. DSS was conceived to allow our two respective divisions—DSC, led by CEO Robert Bernier; and DSS led by CEO Chuck Hulan—to be able to service our partners with the highest standards. Together, both of our divisions work in unison to complement our approach to serving the education community.

Douglas Stewart Software & Services

The DSS division brings software licensing and service solutions to the education and non-profit markets by collaborating with software providers, resellers, and end customers to empower and inspire the education community to improve learning experiences. Through a data driven approach, DSS helps simplify complex SaaS programs and processes so partners can focus on growing their ARR.

Education Success Managers

DSS is focused on managing the full customer lifecycle of software subscriptions with resources in place not only to facilitate resellers’ sales and marketing efforts, but also to lend support at the end user level with managing renewals, provisioning, and deployments. Shout out to our amazing Education Success Managers for the amazing work that they do!

Thank you for joining us this year for our department highlights. Make sure you follow DSC on Facebook and LinkedIn to see what we have planned for 2023!

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