5 Higher Education Trends for 2023

2023 marks three years since COVID-19 substantially impacted higher education, and institutions are moving from emergency response to long term adaption. Institutions are preparing for more sustainable futures and addressing significant changes. Here are five of the top trends in higher education for 2023.

1 – Data Security

As institutions have expanded or upgraded, new technologies and security measures become increasingly necessary. Multi-factor authentication, password tools, threat detection, monitoring, ransomware protection, Wi-Fi security are a few of the security measures institutions are prioritizing in 2023. Some administrations are resistant at the increase in cost as these technologies are implemented but many leaders see this as an important area for budget to be allocated.

Recommendations: Consider stocking Yubico in your store. Yubico’s award-winning security key, the YubiKey, is 100% built for security and trusted by millions. It an affordable two-factor authentication USB Security Key that protects accounts with more than simply a password. Read how Yubico helps education here.

Image Credit: Yubico

2 – Normalization of Hybrid and Online Learning

After COVID-19, hybrid and online learning are becoming less optional and more expected. Institutions have begun adopting technologies to support these models such as expanded cloud-based services, virtual private networks, video meeting platforms, and a shift to laptops and headsets.

Recommendations: Make sure to sell plenty of consumer electronics and peripherals and accessories that support hybrid and online learning students and faculty. Basic necessities include laptops (DSC recommends Microsoft Surface or Dell), web cams, and headsets. Additional items that are helpful include laptop stands, Bluetooth keyboards and mice, and multiport adaptors.

Brand to check out: Have you heard of Pivo? Pivo is an auto-tracking smartphone mount which is a great tool for online instructors to film lectures.

3 – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In 2023, there is a continued focus on closing opportunity gaps, providing safe spaces, and enhancing learning for historically marginalized students. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are essential. Institutions are taking steps to address inequality concerns with listening sessions, institutional policies, inclusive language, dedicated DEI student groups, DEI academic programs and courses, and DEI offices.

Resource: Here is an excellent DEI Guide.

Inclusive Language Guide from University of Central Florida

4 – Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that in 2023 institutions are continuing to face enrollment pressures, declining budgets, and changes in student expectations. For institutions to survive, digital transformation is necessary. Many institutions are implementing CRM tools, cloud-based services, and other technologies.

Resource: EDUCAUSE webinar “Supporting Transformational Change with Design Strategy Tools” (February 9, 2023).

5 – Data Literacy

Institutions can struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement and the data literacy and skills required. Some institutions are planning interdisciplinary courses or short-term academies related to data literacy and skills to better set students up for success. Some institutions have even incorporated digital literacy, analytics, and privacy content into required first-year courses.

Resources: Analytics Institutional Self-Assessment, Data Literacy Institute

What’s Next?

Image Description: A group of multi-ethnic college students studying together at a table with multiple books and laptops with happy expressions on their faces.

Understanding and keeping up with current trends in higher education will make you better prepared as a college bookstore to serve the students and faculty at your institution.

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