Prioritizing Diversity in Your Marketing: 5 Tips for 2023

Diversity has become important to consumers, for good reason. Customers are more likely to trust and return to a brand that cares about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and prioritizes representation in their marketing and advertising.

Gen Z Cares About Representation

In a survey conducted by Deloitte, respondents aged 18-25 years took greater notice of inclusive advertising when making purchase decisions; “Overwhelmingly, 94% of that generation expects companies to take a stand on important social issues, and 90% say they are more willing to purchase products that they deem beneficial to society.”

Does Your Content Reflect Diversity?

What does this mean for your marketing efforts? An easy start is to consider if your content (visuals, website, social media, emails, etc.) reflects everyone. Do your images include all different types of people, whether race, culture, gender, or size? Does your copy reflect inclusive language for LGBTQ+, different abilities, etc.? Ask your team or your customers if they feel seen and represented in your marketing or if there is room for improvement.

5 Tips for Prioritizing Diversity

1 – Cultivate a diverse team

One of the best ways to grow in diverse marketing is to have a diverse team! Having people with different perspectives speaking into your marketing will better equip you to create content that connects with your customers.

2 – Listen to Gen Z

With Gen Z being your target customer base, it is important to understand what makes them tick! Whether through training or research, your team needs to get to know college students to better market to them. Better yet, hire some Gen Z on your team to get for that insider perspective!

3 – Be a learner

Commit to being a lifelong learner who is open to correction, change, and growth. The best way to learn about different lifestyles and cultures is to immerse yourself in them. Talk to people who belong to different groups and learn their point of view, the issues they face, and the values they have. Developing an authentic and strong cultural intelligence is key to diverse marketing that won’t fall into stereotyping, cultural insensitivity, and tone deafness.

4 – Share the love

Diverse marketing is important for your audience to feel represented. When looking to incorporate influencer marketing or other content contributors, prioritize collaborating with creators from minority, underrepresented, and marginalized groups. We all benefit from having a richer perspective and many of your customers will feel understood and valued.

5 – Look for inspiration

It’s okay if you feel a little overwhelmed or unsure where to begin. There are many brands with excellent representation in their marketing and company that you can turn to for inspiration.

Brands with diversity in their marketing:






How have you incorporated diversity in your store marketing? Share with us in the comments!


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