Getting the Most from Displays

Retail displays are an essential aspect of visual merchandising as they are designed to attract, engage, and motivate customers to purchase. Presentation is everything in retail spaces. One of the top reasons a customer makes a purchase is because something catches their attention. Here are some ways you can get the most from your retail displays:

Get Interactive

According to a Ripen eCommerce survey, the top reason people shop in brick-and-mortar stores instead of online is for the opportunity to touch and feel items in person. Displays offer a way for customers to experience the product before purchasing, which may make them more likely to buy.

This Libratel cable display gives the customer a way to touch the product prior to purchase and they can even use it to charge their phone as well.

Display is FREE with a qualifying purchase of at least $500 of Libratel product through The Douglas Stewart Co.

This Urbanista display allows customers to hear the Miami headphones in action.

Display is FREE with Qualifying Purchase of (8) Miami On-Ear Wireless Headphones through The Douglas Stewart Co.

Be Strategic in Your Placement

Put your displays in a spot in your store that makes sense to the flow of traffic. Ideally, make sure displays are no higher than eye level, and no lower than knee level. Space above eye-level risks losing attention and space below knee level can easily be overlooked.

Keep it Clean and Well-Lit

Make sure displays do not look cluttered and avoid putting too much near the display. The display should stand out and be appealing visually. The area should be well-lit as well so the shopper can easily experience the products and are drawn to them. Avoid dark corners of the store, or invest in good lighting to help accent the display.

Use Plants

Incorporating plants with displays an easy way to make displays attractive and healthy. Adding greenery makes a space feel inviting, relaxing, and increases the dwell time of the shopper. Consider grouping your eco-friendly products with plants.

Utilize Signage

Signage can be a simple way to draw people to your display, educate shoppers about the product, or convey important information such as a sale or promo. Signage should be eye-catching, informative, colorful, and branded.

Example of JBL signage from the JBL Info Center.

Do you need help getting some displays in your store? Check out our Merchandising Portal. Here you’ll find all of our vendor branded retail displays, as well as our recommended assortments to fill your displays with.


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