Tech Displays You Should Carry

Urbanista Los Angeles Solar Powered Display

Display is FREE with qualifying purchase of (5) Los Angeles Solar Powered On-Ear Wireless Headphones through The Douglas Stewart Co.

Urbanista Los Angeles are the world’s first self-charging wireless headphones powered by Powerfoyle solar cell material. Using advanced green technology, Los Angeles converts all light, outdoor and indoor, into energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime. Los Angeles never stops charging when exposed to light, providing a nonstop audio experience. This display includes a light to demonstrate the self-charging feature to the customer.

Inspired by the iconic city in the heart of sunny California, Los Angeles comes in exclusive Midnight Black and Sand Gold colorways finished with stylish details. Instantly reduce unwanted background noise with advanced hybrid Active Noise Cancelling or stay aware of important surrounding sounds with Ambient Sound Mode.

Shokz Try OpenRun POP Counter Display

Dimensions: 12×13.7x10in.

Display is FREE with purchase of (4) OpenRun headphones through The Douglas Stewart Co.

Unlike traditional in-ear or on-ear headphones that utilize air conduction, Shokz has mastered the natural phenomenon of bone conduction by adapting it to consumer electronics, and it’s now the secret behind the success of their open-ear product line.

OpenRun are their top-selling wireless sport headphones and are their lightest headphones to date, engineered with outstanding sound, a long-lasting battery, and Quick Charge.

Charge MAXX PLUS V1 Display Shipper

Dimensions: 7x10x26in

Count: 80

Charge MAXX’s most popular display among bookstores includes car chargers, cables, and earbuds for easy grab-and-go purchases. Conveniently sits on a countertop.

Polaroid Now L-Shape Display Kit – Multi Counter Display Mandalorian Edition

Display comes with Polaroid Now Instant Camera – Multi Mandalorian Edition through The Douglas Stewart Co.

Bring the Disney+ series home with The Mandalorian Edition Polaroid Now analog instant camera. Polaroid’s new point-and-shoot camera with autofocus, double exposure, self-timer, and a more accurate flash wrapped in the colors and iconic characters from the latest Star Wars franchise. Works with i-Type and 600 Film.

Long AF Cables Floor Stand Display

Dimensions: 58x14x12in

Count: 40

This eye-catching Floor Display has a small footprint that triggers impulse buys and increase sales! The wrapped packaging allows for more visibility, and customers can touch and feel the product prior to purchasing. Each display is pre-packed with black Lightning cables, black Type-C cables, and black Micro-USB cables.

For more displays, check out the Merchandising Portal by The Douglas Stewart Company.

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