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The Holiday Season Starts Now!

The Holiday Season Starts Now!

While students get ready for midterms and apple picking campus store managers should be thinking about the holiday retail season. The key to a successful holiday shopping season is early planning and consistent marketing, especially if your store has to compete against retail giants. Retailers often engage with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas festivities in terms … Continue reading

The College Market Influencers

The Millennial generation carries a lot of purchasing power and influence. Basically, they are the ones who dictate what does well and what does not. But what drives this thinking? What influences this generation? In this post, we’ll take a look at the biggest motivators and influencers of the college market today.   Students Love … Continue reading

Targeting Faculty and Departments 101

Securing sales to departments and faculty members may be some of the most beneficial selling you can do as a retailer in the education market. However, selling and marketing to faculty and departments is much different than the targeting you do towards students. The products that are carried by a department often dictate what will … Continue reading

The Purchasing Power of College Students

College students are over 22 million strong and will control about $117 billion in spending this 2013-2014 school year. Understanding how students choose to wield this power is crucial to making the most of this demographic and their ever-changing needs. The Top 3 Spending Categories Food: College students will be prepared to spend nearly $42.1 … Continue reading