Three Reasons You Should Have Product Reviews on Your Website

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When students go to make an online purchase from you, what’s the first thing they do? In this digital age where students can’t physically experience products before purchasing, many will turn to online product reviews to make their decision. Here are three reasons you should have product reviews on your website.

1 – Build Trust Through Transparency

Your students belong to Gen Z and research has shown that Gen Z puts a lot of stock in what others say, particularly online. Before making a purchase on your site, they want to know what their peers’ opinion of the product. By making product reviews visible on your site, you tell your students that you are trustworthy because you are transparent.

Jason Dorsey, author of Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business―and What to Do About Itnotes that online reviews are an important part of the Gen Z buying experience. According to Dorsey’s 2018 State of Gen Z study, 68% of Gen Z customers read or watch at least three reviews before a first-time purchase. Sixteen percent will read or watch nine or more ratings and reviews before they make that first purchase.

2 – Improve your Google ranking in search results and get more traffic

It may seem obvious, but product reviews help your shop rank higher in Google search results. Google loves fresh content so the newer reviews you have, the more likely your store will be featured high in student Google searches.

When students leave reviews, they use keywords, such as the name or type of product, and in doing so there is more content added on the internet associated with your college bookstore.

3 – Aid Student Decision Making

As students browse your website and are torn between which notebook to purchase or if they should indeed get the headphones they are considering, the more reviews you have, the more convinced they will be that they are making the right decision. Online reviews are key to the shopping decision-making process, especially for college students. By reading reviews, they can get a better idea about the product such as the material, size, and shape since they cannot physically observe it for themselves. They rely on previous purchasers to finalize their decision.

According to a study by Bright Local, the average consumer reads about 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business. This highlights the importance of not only having reviews visible, but also having a significant amount!

Want to hear Jason Dorsey talk about Gen Z and online reviews? Check out this video.

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