Timbuk2 at Interbike 2013

This year at Interbike 2013, Timbuk2 introduced the big brother to its Rasta Custom Messenger bag: the 9XL Custom Messenger bag! The idea came about when Timbuk2 staff questioned “What’s the craziest product we can make?”

Timbuk2 Giant Rasta Messenger

Timbuk2 states on their blog that they have “been making messenger bags for 25 years. [They] make big ones, small ones, medium ones…ones for cameras and ones for beer and even packs for dogs, but never the biggest.” This bag can pack nearly 40-50 people inside.

9XL Messenger Bag Label


At the trade show, Timbuk2 also provided a sneak peak at their newest line of reflective bags, available next year. These bags are targeted towards commuters who bike, walk, run etc. and they feature a variety of reflective fabrics, including highly reflective materials that are visible in both day and night. All in all, these bags are perfect offerings for college campuses and great accessories for college students.

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