Tis the Season to go Mobile (Infographic)

Are millennials shopping at home, on the go, with apps, on multiple devices, or all of the above? Over 44.8 million people shopped on Thanksgiving last year and 43% of those shoppers were millennials. They spent 13% more than the 34+ age group, giving millennials a strong purchasing presence.1 The millennials are expected to have the most spending power of any other generation by 2018, yet their unpredictability is challenging when trying to gain their attention. As we’ve said time and time again having a strong online and mobile presence is crucial to keep up with the competition, especially during the holiday shopping season. Still don’t believe us? Take a look at the infographic below and find out where millennials are shopping during the holiday season.

Millennial Holiday Shopping Infographic

Source: Go.instartlogic.com

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