See What’s New With Twitter

Starbucks and Airbnb have started beta testing features that give brands more creative control over their profiles. This new tool called featured tweets allows brands to pick around 10 tweets and a few photos to promote at the top of their page. Below these two new promoted sections you can find the brand’s tweets in a normal timeline. Featured tweets are meant to highlight a company’s best posts and photos.


For your retail stores, featured tweets are a way to show your most relevant photos and tweets before your students scroll down and potentially see any negative customer complaints. This feature allows you to put your best foot forward and control what you’re students see first.

Once this feature rolls out for all Twitter users, you will be able to feature what’s most important to your store. Featured tweets can be used to promote any contests or sales and can be changed at any time. Try rotating pictures to match the season or feature new products in your store. As social media profiles become more customizable, so should you content. Focus on promoting content that will engage your students and continuously update it so they keep coming back for more.


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