What Your Students Expect in 2017

2017 has been deemed “The Year of Customer Experience,” and for good reason. Retail has become a competitive market, and getting through to students is increasingly challenging. With so many different technologies available to retail, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, your students now demand a different level of service.

Customer experience has risen to the top of retailer’s priority lists and has become a store’s key differentiator. Consumers want a unique experience that delivers on their needs in the right moment while they’re shopping. Customer experience is how your students perceive your store, and how you treat them. These perceptions build feelings that may drive their loyalty.

Loyal customers spend 300% more with stores that successfully engage them, while U.S. companies lose $41 billion every year due to bad customer experiences. Nine in 10 business leaders say that improved customer experience is critical to their store’s success.

The emphasis on customer experience isn’t going anywhere, in fact, this is only the beginning. By 2020 it’s predicted that customer experience will overtake price and product as key brand differentiators. Here are several ways you can create a unique customer experience:

Sources: martechtoday.com, superoffice.com

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