What’s Trending: Smart Retail Shelves

The technical revolution of Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and there are continual developments allowing retailers to effectively use it to advance their stores. Tech company Cloverleaf has recently created ShelfPoint, dynamic high-definition LCD strips that wrap around the retail shelves. These digital screens easily slide into existing shelf brackets have proven to increase sales over 30% in major categories.

ShelfPoint gives retailers insights on shoppers’ behaviors and actions with optical sensors that scan for key shopper demographics including age, gender, and ethnic group. These screens can also classify shoppers’ facial expressions and analyze traffic patterns by scanning when the shopper passes and approaches the designated shelves.

With this technology these shelves can increase shopper engagement by updating and rotating sales and promotions that visually entice the consumer. These visual marketing campaigns use current shopper behaviors so brands can change their messaging based on how shoppers are responding to it.

To avoid privacy issues these strips do not store any personal information, only recording the general data collected. Later this year Cloverleaf will add technology that can sense when someone has picked an item off the shelf.

Sources: adweek.com, cloverleaf.info

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